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" The funny whore"

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"I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about.."

"Are you quite sure that Tyrion didn’t make
a mention of it? Surely you had to know he 

was planning on sending me to Pentos? “

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❝ The cold never bothered me anyway— ❞

                            She paused, playing with the necklace that marked her                                 as a Lannister.

                                      ❝ Was it not cold in Essos? ❞

Depends on where you go, personal
  favorite of mine is actually Pentos.
  You meet many people there and the
  markets are bigger than the ones here.”

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     ”How can I face the demon that stares me in the face every time I look at myself in a mirror? I’d like to know how to escape myself? You simply can’t do it. It’s impossible.” The boy quickly stuffed his hands into his pockets, trying to avoid the feeling that was creeping down his spine. Did he really think himself that— that monstrous? He was nothing of the sort yet he loathed himself. 


"Then what do you suppose we do? Walk it out?"

She sighed,taking in the cool night air.
He was the first person that she had run

into on one of these nightly walks. Already
she understood his problems, as it seemed that
they were doing all they possibly could to try and run from it all.

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"Fascinating really…I mean it”

"So… what is it you do for a living…exactly?"

friendly reminder that even if i take ages to reply, i still want to roleplay with you



"Perhaps we should learn from our mistakes…"


"Steer away from our feelings, it’ll save us both some grief in the end."

"Yes, our feelings betray us. The less we feel, the less vulnerable we will be,"


"And yet it is not so simple to stop a heart from beating is it?"

"it is our beating hearts that ruin us all."

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Tyrion stared at the floor and sighed. It was time for him to be honest with her. He was falling in love with someone he could never have. He was going to have to either break her heart or let her die for him. The first option seemed to be the best idea at the time.

"What are you doing here?"

A smile was plastered on her face the moment
she saw him standing there-had he been waiting?

      “Checking up on you what else my lion.”

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{ ——— “Is it so hard a concept for man to simply take upon the surroundings?”


Petyr gave a queer smile, his hands going to his collar and downwards, caressing the fine fabric and creasing along the gold brocade that lined his body. “I assure you, my dear. I did not know you were seeking solace. If you’d like, I may leave you to your piece or…would you join me for some wine? I have…a perch upon the end of this pathway I do so love hiding myself in.”

An eyebrow raised, both in out of curiosity and interest. She gave a fake smile before giving him a slight nod.

"How does one deny a drink from a man like yourself master Baelish?"

"The simple answer is that one doesn’t…especially in times like these."

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Perhaps this is what  lady Sansa’s stories meant when they called somebody                                                                            h e a r t s i c k. “

"…your heart and your stomach and your whole insides feel empty, h o l l o w,  and                                                                           -  a c h i n g -