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"TV Shae didn’t get to explain herself, like Book Shae did. TV Shae also went for a knife, which felt a bit like an attempt to “justify” Tyrion killing her. It all felt a bit off to me, even if it was gorgeously shot, and it leaves me a bit unclear on what Tyrion’s character arc will be going forward. […]

It’s safe to say that TV Tyrion is softer, kinder, and gentler than his book counterpart; we never really saw Peter Dinklage’s character trying to bed Sansa, and his King’s Landing scheming always read more shrewd than devious. Even the TV character’s appearance is easier to palate, though that’s at least partially because the showrunners didn’t want to hide Dinklage behind costly prosthetics or CGI. Hence Shae shooting first, as it were—I agree that this move seems like the show’s way of preventing Tyrion, who for all intents and purposes remains Thrones‘s central character, from becoming too unsavory. Given the increased attention put on Tyrion and Shae as a couple, though, I was a little disappointed that TV Shae didn’t get a chance to explain herself or sputter out so much as a word after she realized that Tyrion was standing before her. […] The murder, revamped to become less cold-blooded, is an attempt to [make Tyrion more sympathetic]."

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8: first kiss

        ———; A deep sigh escaped her lips as she looked at the customers that were now beginning to pour into the establishment, probably one of the finer establishments in Lys. Sailors were the first to pour in, their eyes wildly searching for prey.  From what the other girls had told her, they tended to be r o u g h. At first Shae had been scared of them, afraid that on her first night out at the job she would happen to come across one of these sailors. The rest of the girls however, had assured her that they would insure that her first time on the job wouldn’t be too hard on her.

             Several years had passed since she first had arrived at this particular establishment.Surprisingly the girls had taken a liking to Shae when she arrived. Most, if not all, knew exactly what it felt like to come from a broken home - or a non-existent one. They took her in as if she was a sister, instead of taking one look at her and thinking of her as competition.

Now that the time had come, she wondered what awaited her on the other side of the door. Gently she pushed open the wooden door to find a woman and a man lounging upon a great sofa, from the loks of it they had been talking before Shae had opened the door.

                                       The beautiful woman was the first to speak -
                                        as the man poured himself a glass of wine.

                                  ” Come  now  I  won’t  hurt  you,
                                          she motioned with her hand at shae.
                       I’ve been told that tonight is the night of your grand debut.

    Shae merely nodded, for some reason unable to find any words as a response. She felt her fears fade, as she looked a the woman. Clearly the woman had more experience than she might ever know. Soon a smile found its way unto her lips, her hand gently went to the woman’s cheek giving it a soft caress.

Before she knew it her lips were planted against the other woman’s. Her first kiss not technically, but a first kiss that wasn’t forced rough. A first kiss in the sense that she
                                     was the one giving it - and not receiving it.
                                      A  first  kiss  on  her  first  night  out  as  a  
{ w o m a n -   o f  -  t h e -  n i g h t }


                               Jaime reached for the flagon to refill his cup.
                        "So many vows…they make you swear and swear.
                         Defend the king. Obey the king. Keep his secrets.
                       Do his bidding. Your life for his. But obey your father.
                     Love your sister. Protect the innocent. Defend the weak.
                         Respect the gods. Obey the laws. It’s too much.
              No matter what you do, you’re forsaking one vow or the other.” 

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Nicky took one last sip of his awful coffee and stood.

"Well, then, Shae," He offered her his arm. "Shall we?" 

         ” We shall

—; She quickly replied, taking  her horrid cup
of coffee and promptly placing it in the trash
before  extending  an  arm  towards  his. 


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                     I’ve been here for — what, two months? —, a muse
                     I have made on a  whim, with the actual intention to
                     get away from my current blog back then, a mess of
                     two muses and no tags. And now I am here, at a mile-
                     stone I would never ever have imagined to pass, on
                     any blog. I’ve been around for a while and I can be
                     proud to say that the asoiaf fandom has been the
                     most welcoming one I have experienced. I love every
                     single day on here and I am glad I chose this muse.
                     Anyways, before this gets too feelsy here is a list of
                     people I love, RP with and admire. I have tried my best
                     to include everyone, but sadly I am only human, so if
                     you’re not on here don’t worry, you will still have my 
                     undying love.

most beautiful weirdos

goldorred Milla, I cannot express how grateful I am
for knowing you and how much I love you. Just let
me tell you that I feel it with every inch of my heart.
I promise one day I will come over and kiss you. I
appreciate talking to you, so so much. If it is yelling
chatting about random shit or actually talking about
life, I am so glad to have you.

thatfunnywhore I love you Liz, I love you I love
you I love you. Please stay in my life forever,
I just adore our talks and our talk talks, you are
such an amazing friend and it’s really sad you
don’t RP Shae anymore.

qxeencersei Rach, my beautiful Rach. I hope
you know that I’m always there for you if you 
need me — which you don’t, of course, because
you are powerful and independent, a true lioness.

iwillnotcringe A person I have grown to really
admire is this Eli. Ooc as well as ic you are you
are such an awesome badass superwoman, I
really look up to you. Legit, you’re one of the
few if not the only person who appears cool
saying ‘lmao’.

egoxistic Dear Joff, believe me when I tell
you that you are such an amazing roleplayer
and I just love talking to you, no matter about
what. And for some reason it makes me very
happy seing you happy. I wish you good luck
and much fun at con ♥


[Also, Allie @ ificannotfly, I’m really looking
forward to our wedding (I don’t care if you are
already married); it is going to be so amazing
being married to such a smart, talented, and
funny person. #AlunaOTPofOTPs]


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most admirable senpais  

actualproperclaraclawsofwit ; etsorortaceforsakenvows ; hardertotame ; hershiningknightherunfailingkindness ; lefayofavalonmaimedlion ; pureironking ; sapphiremaidenshaeisdabestthekingrenly ; queenxcersei

most appreciated RP partners

 aloneinmycage ; bastard-lionchettalovesherboys ; daeneryssunandstarsdirewolf-warg ; dreamyexpressiongamemakxr ; indestructigirlitslikeridingabiker ; ivorytxsteel ; iwokethedragon ; justthedoctorsweety ; khaleesispryte ; likemyladymotherlordoftheneck ; lxttle-rxd-dxve ; onlynotnormalpxrcelaintosteel ; redhairedandwolflesssapphiresandswordsstoodtallasaking ; swampqueenmeerawarwaseasierthandaughters ; whorewithaheartofgold ; thetasteofinnocence

most enjoyable dash-presence

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"Alright. Alright. I get it no 
questions asked about
your mysterious friends.”


He frowned when she flinched at the feeling of ice on her skin. He offered a
small sorry. Grayson was a little surprised to not find anyone else in the
apartment especially in the state she was in, but he kept his mouth shut.
If he had found Robb like this his entire family would have been breathing
down his neck.

"Absolutely. In fact I’m so happy
I could just cry. But I didn’t help
so I could get a thank you. I helped
cause I could.”

      ——;     She lifted her head up too look at him, perhaps
              lifting it a bit too quickly. Soon she felt a bit nauseous
          looking at him. She adjusted the ice pack as she looked around.

          ”  Seems like of all my friends you’re unexpectedly the only person 
               who came around…I’m glad for it…it’s not good to be alone right now.”


        She sighed, before giving him a smile to reassure him that she would be fine.

                                I gotta keep my secrets don’t I?
                          Otherwise what sort of allure would
                                there be to my character?  ” 

                  Her smile soon faded as her stomach growled at her,
           in the midst of all of this eating had been the last of her

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[Part 1]

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