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For hands of gold are always cold, but a woman’s hands are warm… 



30 favourite characters (in no particular order) » 5. Shae

My mother called me Shae, men call me… often.

Shae had short dark hair and bold eyes. She did all that was asked of her, but sometimes she gave Sansa the most insolent looks.

Look out for her. ”I always do”

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we can’t.

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In which Shae hopes that her mother(portrayed by Indira Varma) is waiting for her 


Shae tried to pull against the golden chain with all her might, struggling for even the tiniest bit of fresh air. She thought that surely she could muster the force that was necessary to free herself. Her eyes almost instantly began to moisten, realizing the cruel fate that awaited her. Please gods save me, she though holding on to the impossible idea that something or someone would save her. Somewhere inside she knew that her deeds where past the point of forgiveness, that she was too far lost to be found.  Up until this point she had thought that she had played her cards right. 

Mother are you going to be waiting for me? Shae thought as she took in the last image of the richly decorated room, the final one that she would see of this world. Before long the room seemed to melt away, receding into the darkness. Mother I’m coming she whispered to the darkness.  Then the darkness turned into a blinding light to a place where she was welcomed by a woman’s gentle voice. "Shae, my darling come here dear." She felt herself running toward the voice, soon being enveloped in the woman’s gentle embrace. "I’ve been waiting for you my darling."

Here in this world Shae and her mother could be happy in this world they would not die at the hands of their lovers, they would not be used, here in this impossible place they could be free

.Based on my personal headcanons on Shae’s famiy. They can be found *Here*

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There is death on the road, she told herself, death on all the roads


Bob: Let’s see your “everything is okay” face.

Tina: *awkward face

Bob: Um…no no no. That’s not - that’s bad. Don’t do that face.

Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks - 3.07

l o l

Tyrion, near the end of Game


Lord Tyrion likes girls for their deviance
And paying is no inconvenience
When Shae was situated
He grew infatuated
And paid for the girlfriend experience

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