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Any Ravens for me today? Greyfaces always more than welcome

Messages... questions? If some come save me from this boredom

My inbox is hungry, care to feed it?

Questions for me? I have more than enough time to listen...

Care to entertain me tonight greyfaces? Messages always welcome

Anything you wish to say? Feel free to stop by...even you grefaces

Any Ravens tonight? I'll be more than happy to receive some

Tyrion, Bronn, Tywin (I'm evil and I know it)

Kiss: Tywin cause mmm he aged like fine wine 

Marry: Tyrion ;) oh yeah

Get Drunk with: BRONNN cause he knows how to partay

pfffttt Edmureeee dis was easy…though the Tywin thing got me thinking and FEEEEEELLLSSS T.T fak you

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#ask #Shae #Shae x Tyrion #shaeisdahbest #Tywin #Bronn


Tyrion/Shae: The Beacon [Game of Thrones] (by ShanaBaby00)http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lldhd2mmOS1qdyn0a.gif