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lethalandlovely inquired:

// omfg i love shae's answers to all those awful asks. YOU GO SHAE


I try bb I try ▰˘◡˘▰

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Messages... questions? If some come save me from this boredom

Anonymous inquired:

How are you so amazing, oh Lady Shae?

*smirks*  Quite flattering m’lady or m’lord greyface. *shugs* I think I’m far from being amazing but I thank you either way

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theironkraken inquired:

You're sexy, Shae. ;)

You all know you want this ;)

 I have to look nice for my customers you know. Unfortunately for you, I’m still over here with Tyrion an dhe aint evah gonna giv eme up ya know, like Rick Astley

My inbox is hungry, care to feed it?

Anonymous inquired:

Just so you know I loved that drabble write more?

Lies anon but thank you for the compliment I will write as long as there are requests in my inbox

Questions for me? I have more than enough time to listen...

Care to entertain me tonight greyfaces? Messages always welcome

  1. Our song - Drive It Like You Stole it- The Glitch mob
  2. Our first meeting song-Mambo Number 5- Lou Bega
  3. Our wedding song-All At Sea- Richard Walters
  4. Our drinking song -fak that im not putitng it on shuffle cause we all know what our drinking song is
  5. Our battle song - Tonight we are young- Janelle Monae
  6. Our smut song-Jolie Coquine- Carvan Palace
  7. Our ending song-Beautiful Thieves- AFI

And this is what you get when I put my songs on shuffle weeeee

Anonymous inquired:

A, G, R

A: Age.- *laughs* Oh I hardly pay attention to the passing of my so called name days my best guess would be somewhere around 24 
G: Single/taken.-  single as far as you’re concerned
R: Last movie I’ve watched.- *perks and eyebrow* What is a movie?

A: Age.- I feel old at mah age of 19 wooooo septembah here I come
G: Single/taken.- Presently single
R: Last movie I’ve watched.- hmm I watch/ rewatch a whole bunch of movies, my bet would either be on X-Men: First class or Devdas ( classic bollywood movie lols even if I dunt understand the language YAY FER SUBTITLES!)

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