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shaeisdabest replied to your post: karla da fak are you where da fak have you beeennn I MISS SHAGGING YOUS i mean wut



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[mutters agains her chest] But your not a fish? [snuggles] Oh alright anyway, you can be an honorary fish.

oh fak yus edmure HONORARY FISHEEEHHH

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lordtully replied to your postHEY BBY! HOW ARE YOU TODAYZ?

[cocks an eyebrow] Why fishes?

Oh lawd ed I can’t have little fishes hugging each other? *hugs ed* look see I hugged you too

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I want Roslin’s boobs, can I have them?

fak ed waiiiiii I am horrible at writing that -.- true story but I Ccans try or something? 

 #ooc: okay i was lets save it for a decent meaningful thread xD

Loves yous bb <3

lordtully replied to your post: 
I want Roslin’s boobs, can I have them?

fak ed waiiiiii I am horrible at writing that -.- true story but I Ccans try or something? 

Guise I just wanna say that joining this RP :

So yeah I seriously love you guise fo reals, liek you guise complete meh T.T…That is all . 

excuse mah derpy posts xD

[shags Shae] That is all.


Here is a gif representing Edmure and then all the other girls he trys to seduce:

see erry gurl is liek wut

lordtully replied to your chatEd is seduced by anything that moves…it is known

oh wow nice guys, i looked away for a second and you just talk about me and not-so-little Ed, nice.

…*coughitsnotlikeitsnotthetruthcough* wut….wut was that?

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Ed is seduced by anything that moves...it is known

Asha Greyjoy would do read more posts, but no one wants secks from Asha
Asha Greyjoy: except Ed
Joffrey: GPOY tbh
Asha Greyjoy: But he got cockblocked
Kelly C.: oh ed
Shae: ahaha poor ed xD
Osha goes back to drawring for Joff
Wylla Manderly: I did nothing. It was Asha.
Wylla Manderly points.
Asha Greyjoy sucked on his GLORIOUS KINGLY MAST for somewhat longer, before drawing her mouth from it, licking her lips. "Do you wish to... have sex now, Lord Joffrey?" She cooed, her voice thick and husky.
Asha Greyjoy: YA IT WAS ME
Asha Greyjoy: I SEDUCED ED
Shae snuggles da wylla "ees okai bb"
Shae: ahaha ed is seduced by anything that moves really
Osha: ^^^
Gilleh: truth Shae
Wylla Manderly: ^^^^^
Wylla Manderly: Oh God shae pls post it
Wylla Manderly: pls xD
Asha Greyjoy: IT'S SO TRUE

3, 4 - ME, 12, 14, 15 xoxo

3. If my character was born in a different era, what would I change about him/her? I would probably change the way she deals with some things or how she acquires items. I would also probably want to change how she makes her income ya know

4. Rper x Character; how would our relationship go? Me ooc and edmure?  hmm idk we would probably get along well though he would probably get annoyed with me at times ahahha

as for Shae and Edmure meh for the right amount of money she might become a good friend…but then again there is the matter of your family and righteousness sooooo Shae is gonna stay away

12. What does RPer ship character with? *shrugs*Meh basically I’m open to anything really I mean come on even Steve the white walker loves her xD. I mean all the other ships would probably have to go with something AU :P

14. Best moment for character. LOLS imma rant for a bit.. I think that the best moment for Shae would be when someone comes and finally accepts her as ..herself. I mean Shae has gone through a whole lot as a young girl, and found that the most profitable way to make money was to wench herself out. Tyrion only began to better her situation because she became his live in wench and had a pretty face. I feel that when someone comes along and listens to her a a person she will actually feel truly loved. Yep that’ll be a highlight in her life

15. What RPer secretly wants character to do. Hmmmm to live happily….that all I wanted Shae to be able to do….*creys cause shae feels*