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Messages... questions? If some come save me from this boredom

Anything you wish to say? Feel free to stop by...even you grefaces

The role of Tyrion Lannister has been reopened


Those who are interested may apply. Be sure to read the rules, and apply here following the guidelines.

Oh hais guess what:

soooo umm yeah:

Questions for me? I have more than enough time to listen..yes even to you greyfaces

Any Ravens for me today? Greyfaces always more than welcome

Send me some ravens?

Any questions for me? *sigh* It's rather lonely here...

Care to ask me anything? As I don't know where anybody is

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#boredom #shaeisdahbest #shae #ask #game of thrones #rpg

Come amuse Shae? If only for a little while

Well Since there is no one around...messages or questions? :)