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Any Ravens for me today? Greyfaces always more than welcome

Messages... questions? If some come save me from this boredom

My inbox is hungry, care to feed it?

Anonymous inquired:

Just so you know I loved that drabble write more?

Lies anon but thank you for the compliment I will write as long as there are requests in my inbox

Questions for me? I have more than enough time to listen...

Care to entertain me tonight greyfaces? Messages always welcome

Anonymous inquired:

A, G, R

A: Age.- *laughs* Oh I hardly pay attention to the passing of my so called name days my best guess would be somewhere around 24 
G: Single/taken.-  single as far as you’re concerned
R: Last movie I’ve watched.- *perks and eyebrow* What is a movie?

A: Age.- I feel old at mah age of 19 wooooo septembah here I come
G: Single/taken.- Presently single
R: Last movie I’ve watched.- hmm I watch/ rewatch a whole bunch of movies, my bet would either be on X-Men: First class or Devdas ( classic bollywood movie lols even if I dunt understand the language YAY FER SUBTITLES!)

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Anonymous inquired:

I ship you with anyone but Tyrion- yes I know what happens in the future- but I feel like your character is misunderstood to a certain extent

ooc: Gonna reply ooc obviosuly. well alright then, but yeah I kinda see that she is misunderstood..then again I might just be saying that cause I rp as Shae, she mah bb

now let me casually go to mah corner to get full of Shae feels AHAHAH

fer da record i just wanted to use dat gif cause why not ahahha

Thanks for the ask!

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Anything you wish to say? Feel free to stop by...even you grefaces

Tyrion, Bronn, Tywin (I'm evil and I know it)

Kiss: Tywin cause mmm he aged like fine wine 

Marry: Tyrion ;) oh yeah

Get Drunk with: BRONNN cause he knows how to partay

pfffttt Edmureeee dis was easy…though the Tywin thing got me thinking and FEEEEEELLLSSS T.T fak you

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