I am yours and you are Mine.
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" The funny whore"

Ooc: all your accent memes are adorable ngl @.@

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Can you all not   xD   

thequietwolfinwinterfell replied to your photo: My Tumblr Crushes: thequietwolfinwinterfell (21%)…

OMFG HEY HEY HEY!!!! :))))))))))

so calm yer tits ned seeeeshh

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thevargohoat replied to your post: You have very lovely hair. Might I run my fingerth through it? I bet itth thilky thmooth.

Not even one little touch? I thwear my handth are clean. I wathed them thith morning.

with what? Dirt? 

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I’m willing to cuddle with anyone 


except shae





To cuddle, A long term relationship, Be my sex buddy, Simply to be mine,. MY BED. NO CLOTHES. NOW.


yes good all the things

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my dash is like literally all Beric….yes good 


❤ I do love my beautiful Shae ;)

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mm yes hook/emma

Awww yis Jeyne I approve

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jeyneofhousepoole   good goood   xD   ooc